Monday, 19 March 2012

Follow Me and I'll Follow You (and we'll go in circles ;)

Help make Prov the most famous sculpture on Twitter! He has just reached 600 followers, lets add some zero's! also don't forget to 'like' him on Facebook, no sculpture ever went down in history with 23 likes ;) Prov also wants to follow you too, unless you're a Spambot !

Monday, 12 March 2012

Horrible in a good way

 I think I may be too old for this show since I put my back out today! Prov is possibly too young since he is not even one yet. In fact it is his birthday soon. Nonetheless we had a nice Sunday out and particularly appreciated the 3D effects in the second half. I heard a kid say he was disappointed that the Rat wasn't in it! I  was expecting some stupid deaths myself! The show is finished in Liverpool but you can still see it on the rest of its tour .

Prov met Laura Crowhurst who played Dross! Thanks for the Picture Laura, we really enjoyed the show :)

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Head and shoulders above the rest

This is Prov meeting Moai Hava from Easter Island. He is made from Basalt and weighs two and a half tons. It was collected by the crew of the English ship HMS Topaze, under the command of Richard Ashmore Powell, on their visit to to Easter Island in 1868 and is on loan from The British Museum to The World Museum, Liverpool. Provenance is all about the interesting history an object has, so just imagine what this feller has seen in his lifetime! He is like a stone celeb to Prov :)