Thursday, 24 October 2013

Make your Mark!

Mark Thomas in Williamson Square battling on when the a fire alarm evacuated his gig at The Playhouse Liverpool. Reading from The Peoples Manifesto Kids wandered up to have a geg and piss heads cackled in the background but he wasn't fazed, it was dead funny!

Even after all the delays he even had time to sign his books and the odd sculpture too :) thanks Mark you were lovely. I like your signature, your T looks like a coat hanger on a line. I'll have to look it up in my graphology book ;) I feel a little guilty today for using one of your stickers on a collage but I figured you'd most likely like the idea.

xxx Kate

Thursday, 29 August 2013


Since many months have passed since the three Prov's were on display in the show in London it seemed about time got I got back to business. The show was great and it was a real pleasure to be part of it. The Prov's looked great but you might notice that for the sake of space and symmetry Blue Prov stayed in his box! I felt sorry for him a bit but since he is inanimate I realise that this is a bit insane ;)
The day after the private view I took Prov to see the Kurt Schwitters show at Tate Britain to educate him as to his place in Art history. Thanks to persecuted pioneers like Schwitters, I as an artist am able to use every material and freedom known to mankind, including spanners and concepts, to make a Prov. I came home charged up and inspired and made a self portrait on a tennis racket.
If you would like to help me with my project you can follow him on Twitter @provenanceman He will follow you back. Like him on Facebook and I will NOT spam you loads. If I did that he might have more likes already! 
If you are 'somebody' and everything you touch turns to gold then you could sign him and give me a photo for the archive. What is in it for you? maybe he'll become an art object that you'd be glad be associated with! like Duchamp's urinal. I certainly won't stop until he is! but I will not sell him at any price so I'm not going to make a profit. If you would like to make a profit on a Prov then you can! The three Prov's are currently for sale at £200 each. They are second generation and therefore made fitter and stronger than Prov. I remade them several times before the show to a high standard. They come with their own box, tags, merchandise and provenance. I value them much higher than £200 believe me and if the right buyer invests in one then the sky is the limit with the value. I might put the price up any time, I'm regretting it already! but I would like them out working it in the world. The project is an experiment into POTENTIAL value and they do not belong on a shelf. Consider this... remember Peter Blake's Sgt Peppers album cover? Do you know how much he got paid for it? I'll tell you: £200. Do you know what is the most valuable record cover ever?
Just sayin'

I have decided to put Prov to work and he has been busy in the Studio

He has a way to go but I have high hopes, so watch this space!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

We are only in it for the money

Pink Yellow and Blue Prov will be on public view in an exhibition in London beginning this Saturday 9th March until Sunday 24th March!

  • We are only in it for the money
    Exhibition opening: Saturday 09/03/13, 6-9pm
    Kate Fallon-Cousins, Luke Cooke-Yarborough, Kelda Free + David Brazier, Julika Gittner, Martin Lau, Ilka Leukefeld, Sophio Medoize, Jon Purnell, Natasha Rees, Chris Shaw, Dan Simpkins + Penny Whitehead
    Non‐commercial artists have always feared the corruption of their ideological position by ‘selling‐out’, i.e. engaging with the reality of commercial practices. At the same time the loathed commercial ‘other’ is always a core point of reference for any position that is aimed at a critique of capitalism as well as the secret desires of many self‐proclaimed cultural idealists. Frank Zappa’s album ‘We Are Only in it for the Money’ famously satirized this conundrum by imitating the cover of the Beatles’ 1967 album ‘Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band’ (which Zappa felt encapsulated the hiatus of unscrupulous materialism.) Whilst it might be a common expectation amongst intellectuals for so called ‘serious’ artists to stay clear of the corrupting effects of financial rewards for their work, the general public still sees financial success as the main indicator of an art work’s relevance.
    ‘We are only in it for the money’ showcases work by artists that scrutinise such assumptions about art’s commercial value at the Princess Alice Pub in East London.
    All artworks will be for sale on a 10% commission basis.
    The Princess Alice &n bsp;
    40 Commercial Street
    London E1 6LP
    Tue-Wed 16:00-00:00
    Thu-Fri 16:00-02:00
    Sat 14:000-03:00
    Sun 12:00-23:00

Monday, 21 January 2013

I'd like to thank...

I have been busy gathering many followers for Prov on Twitter but his likes on Facebook could fit on ..this lovely print I did. Thanks also you who have visited this blog thank you thank you thank you :) K8

Friday, 18 January 2013

Prov page three

This is page 3 of a comic strip my dad did. It is very silly and Prov was not born in a garage but he is made out of a spanner. If you want to catch up on pages 1 and 2 see March and April. Other pages to follow..