Thursday, 7 March 2013

We are only in it for the money

Pink Yellow and Blue Prov will be on public view in an exhibition in London beginning this Saturday 9th March until Sunday 24th March!

  • We are only in it for the money
    Exhibition opening: Saturday 09/03/13, 6-9pm
    Kate Fallon-Cousins, Luke Cooke-Yarborough, Kelda Free + David Brazier, Julika Gittner, Martin Lau, Ilka Leukefeld, Sophio Medoize, Jon Purnell, Natasha Rees, Chris Shaw, Dan Simpkins + Penny Whitehead
    Non‐commercial artists have always feared the corruption of their ideological position by ‘selling‐out’, i.e. engaging with the reality of commercial practices. At the same time the loathed commercial ‘other’ is always a core point of reference for any position that is aimed at a critique of capitalism as well as the secret desires of many self‐proclaimed cultural idealists. Frank Zappa’s album ‘We Are Only in it for the Money’ famously satirized this conundrum by imitating the cover of the Beatles’ 1967 album ‘Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band’ (which Zappa felt encapsulated the hiatus of unscrupulous materialism.) Whilst it might be a common expectation amongst intellectuals for so called ‘serious’ artists to stay clear of the corrupting effects of financial rewards for their work, the general public still sees financial success as the main indicator of an art work’s relevance.
    ‘We are only in it for the money’ showcases work by artists that scrutinise such assumptions about art’s commercial value at the Princess Alice Pub in East London.
    All artworks will be for sale on a 10% commission basis.
    The Princess Alice &n bsp;
    40 Commercial Street
    London E1 6LP
    Tue-Wed 16:00-00:00
    Thu-Fri 16:00-02:00
    Sat 14:000-03:00
    Sun 12:00-23:00