Sunday, 23 December 2012


Pink Prov got so trashed at his hotel room on Friday that he's currently held together with rubber bands! This new generation of Provenance Men really know how to party. Now that they have lived a little and when I've fixed Pink Prov, all three will go back in their boxes and will officially go on sale to the public. At long last!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Home grown Gersh

 I have been busy trying to get Prov mentions on the radio! and it's very exciting when they are read out. I have set up a soundcloud to share them.. Here is one where Prov mentions growing a 'Mervin Gersh' for Movember! If you don't know what a Mervin Gersh is check out their new video on You tube and then like 'em here Prov is a big fan so get down and see them here live at Beerd Fest 2012, Camp and furnace, Liverpool on the fourth of December.