Friday, 10 August 2012

Top of the Props

This is my top ten of my prize possessions in no particular order:

  Two biscuit tins designed by Mike Hill. On the right one if you look closely in the bushes you will see some dogs humping! (50p charity shop.) On the left one the man in the foreground is offering the lady a spliff! (£40 Ebay)

A traditional souvenir from Majorca from a holiday with Pam in 2002

A clay dog from a series about Laika, the Russian dog that went into space by Gill

A Scottish pound note from Pam

A charm bracelet from my boyfriend and my sister

A present from a friend

Ammonite pendant from Preston flea market 

A rosary also from the market. I like them because they are heavy.

My new colander shaped like an Angel fish

and Prov :)