Sunday, 23 December 2012


Pink Prov got so trashed at his hotel room on Friday that he's currently held together with rubber bands! This new generation of Provenance Men really know how to party. Now that they have lived a little and when I've fixed Pink Prov, all three will go back in their boxes and will officially go on sale to the public. At long last!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Home grown Gersh

 I have been busy trying to get Prov mentions on the radio! and it's very exciting when they are read out. I have set up a soundcloud to share them.. Here is one where Prov mentions growing a 'Mervin Gersh' for Movember! If you don't know what a Mervin Gersh is check out their new video on You tube and then like 'em here Prov is a big fan so get down and see them here live at Beerd Fest 2012, Camp and furnace, Liverpool on the fourth of December.

Thursday, 15 November 2012


If you are interested in my project 'Provenance Man' you might be interested in my other work too. For this reason I have created  a website Check it! Nice one k8

Friday, 10 August 2012

Top of the Props

This is my top ten of my prize possessions in no particular order:

  Two biscuit tins designed by Mike Hill. On the right one if you look closely in the bushes you will see some dogs humping! (50p charity shop.) On the left one the man in the foreground is offering the lady a spliff! (£40 Ebay)

A traditional souvenir from Majorca from a holiday with Pam in 2002

A clay dog from a series about Laika, the Russian dog that went into space by Gill

A Scottish pound note from Pam

A charm bracelet from my boyfriend and my sister

A present from a friend

Ammonite pendant from Preston flea market 

A rosary also from the market. I like them because they are heavy.

My new colander shaped like an Angel fish

and Prov :)

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Good Will Funding

One thing me and Prov have discovered since joining Twitter is 'Fan funding.' You can help someone make their movie or their album and to show their appreciation and depending on how much you donate, they may give you a thank you credit or even a part in the movie! 
 The first one we noticed was and their movie 'The Invasion of the Not Quite Dead.' which is entirely fan funded by more than 2000 people from 30 countries. By donating £10 you can be credited as a 'download producer' and get a special thanks end credit. For £20 you can be a 'Pre-Order Producer,' which Prov now is! you can get a limited edition copy of the movie and be a zombie extra! all the way up 'Executive Zombie Producer' or 'One of a kind Producer.'  
The films creator Ad Lane was the first to do this and also broke records with 107 hours fundraising on Twitter with no sleep. These ideas are catching on and everyone is offering exciting perks in exchange for your help with their projects. 'Hybrid Vigor' filmed in latvia are offering perks, for as little as $1 they will add your photo to their photo-mosaic movie poster  and for £5 your face can be on a 'Missing' poster in the movie 'Survivors'  or for £2500 your business could have cheeky product placement in the movie 'Dead Lies'  Awesome!
What a cool way of getting your idea realised or supporting some exciting projects! some of these have deadlines to raise funds by so they could use all the help you can give them! so if you've always wanted your name in the credits, wanted to see a film set or go to a premier this could be your opportunity! 
On a sad note I ask you to donate to help the late Cory Haim get star on the walk of fame:  or sign the petition here There is only 18 days left at this point to raise the money or it will be returned so if you loved his movies and want to see him commemorated then please help!
Me and Prov are going to keep on supporting these great artists in their endeavours and can't wait to see the fruits of their labours! :) 

Sunday, 17 June 2012

The Street Art of Conversation

P3dro is a Liverpool based photographer who tracked down Prov on the internet and was one of the first people to follow him on Twitter. He was interested in the project and we had a conversation for his website:  We met up and I told him all about the Provenance Man project and he took this lovely portrait of Prov! He takes such gorgeous photographs of my work and It is really nice to know that someone is out documenting it so well. Thanks P3dro :) Make sure you check out his work everyone! k8

Friday, 4 May 2012

Tomo or not Tomo?

Me and my niece took Prov along to see the nominees of the Liverpool Art Prize at Metal situated in Edge Hill Station yesterday. They were all so kind to us! making me cups of tea and showing us around. We spent ages in The Drawing Paper's (Chris Carney and Jon Barraclough's) drawing room with loads of paper, crayons and endless things to draw. There are lots of ideas for drawings and if you put your pictures in the pigeon holes they may well be included in the exhibition! 
Robyn Woolston's Room is full of recycled plastic forks and knives which crunch under foot
in a really satisfying way. They surround a recycled tree under a neon light. I really enjoyed it and so did the baby! 
Alan Dunn is a sound artist and his room was filled with cabinets of his inspirations and souvenirs from his travels collecting sounds. There are computers and headphones to listen to sounds including poetry to pulses from space. There are four CDs of sounds to take with you.
At first when we headed up two flights to Tomo's room, I thought he had drawn the short straw but I took it back when I got up there.
It's a lovely room and the headquarters of Tomo Securities! On his desk an old photocopier which he has used to print his forms.If you fill one in and put it in the box, he will send you an original screen print to put your window. He is such a generous artist and so modest, you just know he works for the joy of it. I think his skills as an artist go beyond nice pictures because they are combined with clever ideas.
Vote Tomo for peoples choice!
Also my niece would like to point out that if you  look out of the windows you will see PURPLE TRAINS! and bunny rabbits.
Don't miss it 

Monday, 30 April 2012

Scream if you want an old master

A Copy of Edvard Munch's The Scream is expected to fetch $80'000'000 dollars in an auction at Sotherby's this Wednesday. The highest price they have ever estimated. There is four versions made by the artist between 1893 and 1910, two painted in Tempera, one with crayon and this one is done in pastels. All the other copies are in museums but it is predicted that only a private individual will be able to afford this gem.
Although their are a few wealthy Munch collectors out there with their hands in, there a others who will bid for it purely as a status symbol. It is so universally recognised and iconic that to own it would to be gain a bit of it's glory by association.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Its Elemental my dear Prov Son

Last night I took Prov along to the Elemental music - Label Launch Party, where our good buddies The Dick Limerick Academy where playing. Rap battlers Rik and O'Shea were kind enough to do some rhymes just for Provenance Man. Thanks guys! You should search you tube for Don't Flop to see more  They are very generous and you will find their albums to download for free We also enjoyed The Elemental Orchestra, Philly Whizz, The Punning Clan, and Mak of all Trades among many others! What a great night. If you want to see The D.L.A yourself they will be playing The Fort Perch Rocks bank holiday weekender on Sunday 6TH May                                                                                      

Friday, 13 April 2012

Unlimited Edition

If you want one of these brand new original, unlimited edition, hand printed portraits of Prov, Please 'like' him on Facebook, Follow him on Twitter or follow this blog and send me an e-mail or a private message with an address and I will send you one! I am very generous so the envelope will probably end up packed with goodies :) The earlier the date on your print the more it will be worth, I'm sure of it!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Follow Me and I'll Follow You (and we'll go in circles ;)

Help make Prov the most famous sculpture on Twitter! He has just reached 600 followers, lets add some zero's! also don't forget to 'like' him on Facebook, no sculpture ever went down in history with 23 likes ;) Prov also wants to follow you too, unless you're a Spambot !

Monday, 12 March 2012

Horrible in a good way

 I think I may be too old for this show since I put my back out today! Prov is possibly too young since he is not even one yet. In fact it is his birthday soon. Nonetheless we had a nice Sunday out and particularly appreciated the 3D effects in the second half. I heard a kid say he was disappointed that the Rat wasn't in it! I  was expecting some stupid deaths myself! The show is finished in Liverpool but you can still see it on the rest of its tour .

Prov met Laura Crowhurst who played Dross! Thanks for the Picture Laura, we really enjoyed the show :)

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Head and shoulders above the rest

This is Prov meeting Moai Hava from Easter Island. He is made from Basalt and weighs two and a half tons. It was collected by the crew of the English ship HMS Topaze, under the command of Richard Ashmore Powell, on their visit to to Easter Island in 1868 and is on loan from The British Museum to The World Museum, Liverpool. Provenance is all about the interesting history an object has, so just imagine what this feller has seen in his lifetime! He is like a stone celeb to Prov :)

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Richard and Jealous!

Yesterday I took Prov to see 'Richard and Famous' at the Open Eye Gallery, Richard Simpkin has had his photo taken with many a famous face. If he had his own Provenance Man imagine what it would be worth! We would also like to recommend Henny Acloque's show at Ceri Hand Gallery. The last show before it moves to London :(  

Monday, 2 January 2012

I Live you Loverpool

On new years eve we took Prov on a tour of the new Museum of Liverpool and treated him to a VIP trip on the Big Wheel. He enjoyed learning about his heritage and loved the great view too! Prov is very optimistic about 2012 and i've resolved to give him some valuable experiences this year. Hoopy New Year everyone :)