Thursday, 12 July 2012

Good Will Funding

One thing me and Prov have discovered since joining Twitter is 'Fan funding.' You can help someone make their movie or their album and to show their appreciation and depending on how much you donate, they may give you a thank you credit or even a part in the movie! 
 The first one we noticed was and their movie 'The Invasion of the Not Quite Dead.' which is entirely fan funded by more than 2000 people from 30 countries. By donating £10 you can be credited as a 'download producer' and get a special thanks end credit. For £20 you can be a 'Pre-Order Producer,' which Prov now is! you can get a limited edition copy of the movie and be a zombie extra! all the way up 'Executive Zombie Producer' or 'One of a kind Producer.'  
The films creator Ad Lane was the first to do this and also broke records with 107 hours fundraising on Twitter with no sleep. These ideas are catching on and everyone is offering exciting perks in exchange for your help with their projects. 'Hybrid Vigor' filmed in latvia are offering perks, for as little as $1 they will add your photo to their photo-mosaic movie poster  and for £5 your face can be on a 'Missing' poster in the movie 'Survivors'  or for £2500 your business could have cheeky product placement in the movie 'Dead Lies'  Awesome!
What a cool way of getting your idea realised or supporting some exciting projects! some of these have deadlines to raise funds by so they could use all the help you can give them! so if you've always wanted your name in the credits, wanted to see a film set or go to a premier this could be your opportunity! 
On a sad note I ask you to donate to help the late Cory Haim get star on the walk of fame:  or sign the petition here There is only 18 days left at this point to raise the money or it will be returned so if you loved his movies and want to see him commemorated then please help!
Me and Prov are going to keep on supporting these great artists in their endeavours and can't wait to see the fruits of their labours! :) 

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