Friday, 4 May 2012

Tomo or not Tomo?

Me and my niece took Prov along to see the nominees of the Liverpool Art Prize at Metal situated in Edge Hill Station yesterday. They were all so kind to us! making me cups of tea and showing us around. We spent ages in The Drawing Paper's (Chris Carney and Jon Barraclough's) drawing room with loads of paper, crayons and endless things to draw. There are lots of ideas for drawings and if you put your pictures in the pigeon holes they may well be included in the exhibition! 
Robyn Woolston's Room is full of recycled plastic forks and knives which crunch under foot
in a really satisfying way. They surround a recycled tree under a neon light. I really enjoyed it and so did the baby! 
Alan Dunn is a sound artist and his room was filled with cabinets of his inspirations and souvenirs from his travels collecting sounds. There are computers and headphones to listen to sounds including poetry to pulses from space. There are four CDs of sounds to take with you.
At first when we headed up two flights to Tomo's room, I thought he had drawn the short straw but I took it back when I got up there.
It's a lovely room and the headquarters of Tomo Securities! On his desk an old photocopier which he has used to print his forms.If you fill one in and put it in the box, he will send you an original screen print to put your window. He is such a generous artist and so modest, you just know he works for the joy of it. I think his skills as an artist go beyond nice pictures because they are combined with clever ideas.
Vote Tomo for peoples choice!
Also my niece would like to point out that if you  look out of the windows you will see PURPLE TRAINS! and bunny rabbits.
Don't miss it 

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