Thursday, 29 August 2013


Since many months have passed since the three Prov's were on display in the show in London it seemed about time got I got back to business. The show was great and it was a real pleasure to be part of it. The Prov's looked great but you might notice that for the sake of space and symmetry Blue Prov stayed in his box! I felt sorry for him a bit but since he is inanimate I realise that this is a bit insane ;)
The day after the private view I took Prov to see the Kurt Schwitters show at Tate Britain to educate him as to his place in Art history. Thanks to persecuted pioneers like Schwitters, I as an artist am able to use every material and freedom known to mankind, including spanners and concepts, to make a Prov. I came home charged up and inspired and made a self portrait on a tennis racket.
If you would like to help me with my project you can follow him on Twitter @provenanceman He will follow you back. Like him on Facebook and I will NOT spam you loads. If I did that he might have more likes already! 
If you are 'somebody' and everything you touch turns to gold then you could sign him and give me a photo for the archive. What is in it for you? maybe he'll become an art object that you'd be glad be associated with! like Duchamp's urinal. I certainly won't stop until he is! but I will not sell him at any price so I'm not going to make a profit. If you would like to make a profit on a Prov then you can! The three Prov's are currently for sale at £200 each. They are second generation and therefore made fitter and stronger than Prov. I remade them several times before the show to a high standard. They come with their own box, tags, merchandise and provenance. I value them much higher than £200 believe me and if the right buyer invests in one then the sky is the limit with the value. I might put the price up any time, I'm regretting it already! but I would like them out working it in the world. The project is an experiment into POTENTIAL value and they do not belong on a shelf. Consider this... remember Peter Blake's Sgt Peppers album cover? Do you know how much he got paid for it? I'll tell you: £200. Do you know what is the most valuable record cover ever?
Just sayin'

I have decided to put Prov to work and he has been busy in the Studio

He has a way to go but I have high hopes, so watch this space!

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