Saturday, 6 August 2011

Prov booked a room at Psycho Motel!

On the right is Doc Horror, from Zombina and the Skeletones and on the left Good Guy Joe. You may recognise them both as garage surfers El Toro. Prov had never been to the Kazimier before but he really liked it :) 

From right to left; Jaws , Doc Horror, rapper Richard Wilkie Riley from Dick Limerick Academy, Prov suggests you listen to their album 'Merseycide' and search You tube for his rap battles! on the left is Obi Wan Kenobi known for defending the galaxy against the dark side. Prov suggests you watch the original Star Wars movies :)

Doc Horror and his beautiful girlfriend Ida Ghostique who you may recognise from her amazing vintage and fancy dress shop Curious Orange in Grand Central, Renshaw st, Liverpool. It's also where Prov bought his tickets to Psycho Motel VII! They showed Provenance Man a great time, Thanks! He'll be back next time for sure :)

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